Gaffney, Gallagher & Philip (GGP) has merged with Apheleon of London to create GGP APHELEON a forensic consulting firm which provides an array of services to vigorously protect assets and manage risk, in a rapidly changing regulatory business environment. Our professional staff of investigators, consultants and analysts utilize their decades of experience in international law enforcement and financial regulation to ensure our global clientele receive excellent value through:

Due Diligence | Investigations | Litigation Support | Crisis Management | Media Liaison | Asset Tracing | Consulting Service

GGP Apheleon as a member of the NFC Global Alliance relies on its international investigative resources, to successfully pinpoint the origin of fraudulent activities, gather evidence to identify those who are culpable and to articulate countermeasures to prevent re-occurrences. GGP Apheleon Due Diligence permits clients to make informed decisions about a variety of business functions utilizing the value of knowledge about principals, companies and individuals to ensure conservation of millions of dollars in corporate and personal assets. GGP Apheleon’s team of consultants will rapidly deploy its special operations centre to expeditiously and effectively assist your company in crisis resolution. GGP Apheleon specializes in the tracing and recovery of assets internationally. GGP Apheleon consulting services provide the client with the red flags of internal and external causes of white-collar crime and viable recommendations to strengthen internal business functions and training to minimise exposure and mitigate risk.